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ppl or rev share

Monetize your valuable traffic by promoting new innovating real-time communication products.

Get paid for each new generated lead or benefit from our revenue share program.

We offer a GEO tier (1-2-3) based PPL program for both desktop and mobile traffic.

If you rather prefer long term monetization you can select our revenue share program (15%).

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cpa offer rev share

Within all our product sites we publish a wide range of CPA offers (in different verticals).

By default you will receive 30% from all the successful CPA Offers your members eventually will join.

This extra incentive will be added on top of our PPL or revenue share earnings.

This way you can really maximize your online earnings with your valuable traffic.

content partners

Monetize your premium content (photos - video clips) and publish your promo content to drive traffic to your online properties. We offer user-friendly publishing tools and 70% revenue share over your online earnings.

program highlights

Here you will find a summary from ClickCtrl.com program features.

  • High convertable unique 18+ adult products (desktop and mobile, Android only) all based on gamification and a freemium business model
  • PPL based on GEO tiers (1 - 2 - 3)
  • Rev share (15% lifetime)
  • CPA Offers rev share
  • Weekly payouts (minimum of €100)
  • Check out feature
  • Payout by bank transfer (Payoneer will be added later this year)
  • Payout history overview
  • Detailed real-time statistics (various views combined with date selectors)
  • Campaign manager
  • Various effective promo tools
  • Custom integrations for high volume traffic partners (25% rev share lifetime)
  • Your personal account manager
  • Customer support 24/7 and professional assistance
  • Team of international experienced professionals

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